1. What is D2D?

    D2D is a new-generation data and information management platform, also referred to as Logical Data Warehouse (LDW), that is multi-component and capable of governmentwide scalability. It is designed to be adaptive, flexible, mobile-ready, and deployable in the cloud, on premise, or in hybrid mode. D2D is short for "Data to Decisions".

  2. How is D2D different from other data warehouses?
    Differentiating Characteristics Traditional Data Warehouse D2D Logical Data Warehouse
    Repository x x
    Integration x x
    Business Intelligence x (separate add-on) x
    Advanced Analytics   x
    Data >> Information >> Knowledge   x
  3. What can D2D do for me?

    D2D can enable business analysts and managers to make data-driven decisions based on real-time information and pre-built data queries covering necessary areas. With D2D's ability to support data marts (virtual or physical subsets of a data warehouse), D2D can empower specific teams, groups, or departments to manage their own data and perform cross-functional analytics/reporting. D2D also facilitates the development of advanced analytics to help organizations not only describe the past, but also diagnose reasons for events, prescribe ways to achieve desired outcomes, and forecast future scenarios.